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Mauritius Specials

Looking For a Memorable Holiday? Be Sure To Take a Look at Some of the Mauritius Specials on Offer.

Mauritius specials are usually packaged into neat deals that include everything you need from flights, transfers from the airport and back again, accommodation and even meals. The price of the packages are generally for the full duration of the holiday and not per day so when you slice up the costs you realise just how much you save.

Remember to keep an eye out for Mauritius specials that cater for the whole family

While Mauritius is well known as a popular romantic getaway spot, it also has some great activities for the whole family that the kids will love. Most of the resorts have water activities as well as fantastic facilities that are included in the price. While most of them share some space on the sea or next to the lagoon they can afford to offer water-skiing, wind surfing, snorkelling and diving as part of the privilege of staying there. These are things that every kid would just love and seeing tropical fish through the clear waters of Mauritius is a memory childhoods are made of.

So why not, when looking through the list of Mauritius specials, take a look for facilities that let children stay for free or for discounted rates, in fact, you may be able to find a package where for each adult, one child can fly for free, stay for free, and eat for free with all of the usual activities thrown in.

How much can I expect to pay for a holiday in Mauritius?

Mauritius SpecialsSince the existence of holiday packages, the 7 day Mauritius holiday is the most popular. We suspect that the reason for this is that after 4 days you simply cannot bring yourself to leave the exotic island! A 7 day holiday package will cost you in the region of R10 000 per person for the full 7 days. When you break this down this is just under R1500 per day including all flights, transport, food and accommodation. All you have to do is pack your own bags and book yourself onto the flight. Everything else has been taken care of.

Using R10 000 as a basic bench mark you will be able to evaluate the value of the packages on offer. When comparing packages remember to first and foremost take into consideration the hotel you will be staying at. While Mauritius is a great place, it is the establishment that will make it an experience of a lifetime. Sacrificing a few hundred rand to be sure you stay at your preferred hotel is a very small price indeed.

What else do I need to take advantage of this fascinating island?

Why choosing one of the conveniently packaged Mauritius specials you can be sure that all the organising has been done for you, you just need to be sure that you have packed in some light clothing that will keep you cool in the warm Mauritius sun.

Mauritius Map

Mauritius map shows that this is a relatively round country whose total area is a little over 2000 square kilometres, with an extensive coastline of an impressive 177 kilometres. This is where the majority of the hotels and resorts lie. As such the country is often simplified into the four points of the compass, South, North, East and West coasts.

The Southern Coast

This part of the island has been left largely undeveloped by the tourist trade. So if you are looking for some privacy, choose a resort in this area. This is mainly due to the fact that the reef is not present in most of the southern regions and while not all the beaches are safe for swimming, the natural aggression of the sea makes for a refreshing change.

The Northern Coast

Mauritius MapThe top of the country is where the majority of visitors spill onto the pure white sandy beaches, where lagoon and sea make for an enticing contrast and where many of the top hotels of Mauritius have made a name for themselves. If you are looking for less action and more peace and calm look to the north east of the Mauritius map.

The Eastern Coast

The east is known for being a windy part of the country while some private peninsulas are sheltered from the gales. The resorts in this area provide their visitors with excellent surfing and wind surfing conditions. The landscape on this side also makes for a change with mountains right on the coast and sugar cane fields in the area.

The Western Coast

Also littered with mountains and local fishing villages, this area is home to the sugar cane fields from which many of the locals make their living. Nature reserves can also be found in this area which gives a more natural view to the island.

The Central Area

The centre of the island is dedicated to shopping, nightclubs and casinos, all of which are as entertaining during the night as the water based activities are during the day. Explore the informal markets where you can buy clothing of every style shape and colour as well as the inland forests which are a natural beauty in their own right. Make sure that Grand Baie is on your list of places to see.

The country lies just below the equator and though it can be quite warm it is never intolerable. This also means that the weather is fairly stable with very little fluctuations in the seasons. Mauritius only really sees two different seasons. Winter, which is warm and dry, and summer, which is warm and humid.

When you are planning you trip to Mauritius map out the various places of interest. With everything in such close proximity to everything else it is possible to fit a lot of activities into a short space of time. Remember to make time for rest and relaxation, which is the real reason that so many flock here in the first place.